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My knitting world has been busy these last few weeks, naturally the Knit Chicks got sucked into my yarn vortex.  Haha!  I’ve been keeping busy with my IPhone cases and practicing technique while making kids toys.  The first thing that changed in our knitting world is that we embraced and dived into the world of design.  I started timing myself while knitting, it’s a great learning experience and I even got Shmeph to join in the fun.  Last week, Liv brought over her favorite light shrugs to  inspire us.  She knows us well!  Inspiration was found!  We’ve already started brainstorming lace patterns and new yarn is sure to be right around the corner to start swatches.  Since we had a low chick attendance last night for our weekly gab, Shmeph and I created our very own style sheet.  A style sheet (for anyone that doesn’t know) is a knitting legend.  This will allow us to standardize our style and hopefully avoid many edits.  Oh yes, we are in fact trying to write out our patterns for my Etsy shop.     It’s long over due and very very exciting!!!!!

This weekend, the Knit Chicks are off to a photography workshop at Baaad Anna’s.  We have never been there before, so we are looking forward to checking out all the yarn!!!!!  Hopefully, we will get some great tips on knitting photography and I can start putting together some of my new items.  I’ll start with some funky IPhone cases.  The little project that just keeps on giving.  I know its still summer but new hats on coming upon the horizon.  I can see them!  Can you?